The development of soil microbial community during vegetation recovery and pedogenesis on the new volcanic deposits of Miyake-jima

GUO, Yong1, HIRANO , Akinori1, FUJIMURA, Reiko1, SATO, Yoshinori2, NISHIZAWA, Tomoyasu1, KAMIJO, Takashi3, NARISAWA, Kazuhiko1, OHTA, Hiroyuki1 1Ibaraki University College of Agriculture, 2National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Tokyo, 3Faculty of Life and Environmental Sc
Posted On 06 10月 2015


Nitrogen fixation depends on the methane oxidation by Methylosinus sp. isolated from paddy rice roots.

Shinoda , Ryo1, Bao, Zuihua1, Minamisawa, Kiwamu1 1 Tohoku univ. life. Methanotrophs play a key role in CH4 emissions from rice paddies. Previous metagenomic and metaproteomic analyses revealed that in rice roots under a low fertilization (LN) condition, the abundance of typeⅡmethane−
Posted On 06 10月 2015


Metagenome-mapping method discriminates native and inoculant populations of soybean bradyrhizobia in agricultural soil

金原 一真1, 板倉 学1, 鶴丸 博人1, 星野(高田) 裕子2, 王 勇2, 秋山 博子2, 早津 雅仁2, 南澤 究1 1Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University, 2National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences Legume productivity in an agricultural field could be improved by inoculation with effective rhizobia. However, fiel
Posted On 06 10月 2015



綿引 沙織1,2, 木村 信忠1, 山副 敦司3, 野田 尚宏4, 松倉 智子4, 高畑 陽5, 野尻 秀昭6, 福田 雅夫7 1産総研・生物プロセス, 2筑波大院・生, 3NITE, 4産総研・バイオメディカル, 5大成建設, 6東大・生セ, 7長岡技大・生物 【目的】本研究では、塩素化エチレン類であるトリクロロエチレン(TCE)及びcis-1,2-ジクロロエチレン(cis-1,2-DCE)で汚染された土壌・地下水を対象にしたTCE/cis-1,2-DCE分解菌Rhodococcus jostii RHA1を導入するバイオオーグメンテーション法の実証試験を行い、
Posted On 06 10月 2015