Floor guide of the Venue




Tsuchiura Kijo plaza (http://www.city.tsuchiura.lg.jp/page/dir000578.html)


How to access

#Train (Tsuchiura station, Joban line):
From Shinagawa stn. to Tsuchiura stn.  (via Tokyo stn. & Ueno stn.), it takes 90 minutes by rapid train and 60 minutes by super express.  Please take the train named both Ueno-Tokyo line and Joban line.

15 minutes on foot from west exit of Tsuchiura station, JR Joban line.

or  bus is also available from Tsuchiura station to the venue.  The nearest bus stop of the venue is “Kijo-Kouen-mae” from #3,4,5 bus stop at west exit of Tsuchiura station, using Kanto-Tetsudo-bus.

#Airplane (Ibaraki airport):

Ibaraki airport- (35 min. by Bus) – Ishioka Stn. – (15 min. by JR Johban-line to Ueno/Shinagawa) – Tsuchiura Stn.


Domestic airline (Skymark airlines only) <at Apr. 15th. 2015>

1. Ibaraki-Kobe (2 flights/day), 2.Ibaraki-Sapporo  (2 flights/day), 3. Ibaraki-Fukuoka  (2 flights/day), 4.Ibaraki-Naha  (1 flight/day)


・Mixer place
Hotel Marroad Tsukuba