Electron uptake of sulfate reducing bacteria by using outer-membrane cytochromes

Xiao, Deng, Hashimoto, Kazuhito, Okamoto, Akihiro Dept. of Applied Chemistry, The University of Tokyo Micobially influenced corrosion (MIC) is a serious problem causing enormous economic losses that were estimated to be around 0.3% of the GDP of an industrialized country [1]. MIC is c
Posted On 06 10月 2015


Anaerobic ammonium oxidation coupled with extracellular electron transport by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

齋藤 淳貴, 岡本 章玄, 橋本 和仁 Department of Applied Chemistry, The University of Tokyo Several kinds of iron reducing bacteria, such as Shewanella and Geobactor, transport electrons to various mineral surface to terminate their respiration. This process is called as extracellular electron trans
Posted On 06 10月 2015

OE-27 (JTK0046):

Novel example of CO2 cathodic driven bioreduction by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1: possible implications for carbon cycling in deep oceans.

La Cava, Eugenio, Okamoto , Akihiro, Hashimoto, Kazuhito The University of Tokyo The chimneys of black smoker vents are made of conductive catalytic material and the hydrothermal fluid of these vents is rich in highly reductive compounds like hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen gas and reduced
Posted On 06 10月 2015