Novel transferable multi-drug resistance plasmid and macrolide resistance genes from Photobacterium damselae subsp. damselae isolated from seawater of an aquaculture site

Lisa, Nonaka Dokkyo Medical University, School of Medicine The emergence of drug-resistant bacteria in aquaculture environments is a problem in terms of fish production and human public health. The transferability of drug resistance genes is thought to be responsible for the wide diss
Posted On 06 10月 2015


Diversity in mycobacteria:Distribution, host specificity, morphology andgenome

Nishiuchi, Yukiko Toneyama Inst. Tuberculosis Res. Osaka City Univ. Med. Sch. The genus Mycobacterium consists of many species which are widely distributed throughout the global environment. M. tuberculosis is one of the major pathogens for human. Other mycobacterial species are calle
Posted On 06 10月 2015


Most chlamydiae live in natural environments but not in humans. – What kinds of features do they need to cause human disease? –

Ishida Kuroki, Kasumi Department of Microbiology and Immunity, Nippon Medical School Chlamydiae are obligate intracellular bacteria and known as human pathogens. For example, Chlamydia trachomatis is not only a cause of preventable blindness, but also a common pathogen causing sexual
Posted On 06 10月 2015


Genetic Profiles of Bacillus anthracis Indigenous to Zambia and Characterization of Bacillus Species Causing Anthrax-like Disease

Ohnishi, Naomi1, Akamatsu, Reiko1, Katsura, Keisuke2, Maruyama, Fumito3, Ogura, Yoshitoshi4, Hayashi, Tetsuya4, Higashi, Hideaki1 1Div. of Inf. Imm., CZC, Hokkaido Univ., 2Div. of Microbiology, Fac. of Med., Univ. of Miyazaki, 3Dept. of Microbiology, Grad. Sch. of Medi., Kyoto Univ.,
Posted On 06 10月 2015