Lunch time meeting@ISME (26 Aug 2014)

Posted On 19 8月 2014
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Lunch time meeting, ISME15@Seoul
“Sleeping beauties -Dormancy of bacteria in nature -”
-Organizers; Shin Haruta (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Yoshiteru Aoi (Hiroshima University)
-room R1A in COEX center
-Tuesday 26 August, 12:00 – 13:30
The impact, importance and new aspects of “dormancy” in microbial ecology will be discussed in this session. It is well known that various types of microorganisms can enter non-growing states under the condition which are not suitable for their growth as a survival strategy, then, somehow they sense the change of condition and restart growth. It has gradually become apparent that the “dormancy” probably is relevant to numbers of mysterious microbial phenomena, and can be a key word for several important microbial issues. The purpose of this session is to share and to have discussion on the several recent findings and questions on microbial dormancy.

“Bacterial dormant level -Is dormant cell the middle stage of death?-”
Yosuke Tashiro (Shizuoka University)
“Cellular energy utilization to maintain viability of bacteria in non-growing states”
Nanako Kanno (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
“Microbial diversity: importance of dormancy, death, and decay”
Jay Lennon (Indiana University)
“Microbial awakenings”
Slava Epstein (Northeastern University)

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